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National Ladder Safety Month: Ladder Safety at Home

If your home has a garage, it is most likely the place you choose to store a step ladder. Reacquaint yourself with ladder safety at home in honor of National Ladder Safety Month.

Next time you take the ladder out to change light bulbs or reach something from a top shelf, take care to use stepladders safely and avoid common ladder injuries.

Proud supporter of National Ladder Safety Month | March 2018

Prevalent Ladder Injuries

Did you know that 136,118 emergency room visits per year related to ladder injuries?

Compared to the following examples, chances are much more likely to be involved in an incident with a ladder.

  • 19,000 emergency room visits per year from high heel related injuries
  • 11,000 injuries per year from house fires
  • 3,736 emergency room visits per year from microwaves
  • 16 shark attacks per year in the US

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