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All About Garage Door Safety Inspections

Garage doors are often the largest moving object in a home. It’s critical to properly maintain them so you and your loved ones remain safe. If you aren’t sure what a garage door safety inspection includes, continue reading.

Prior to the safety inspection, our service technician will discuss any noticeable repair or replacement issues of concern with you.

Garage door safety inspections address the following safety and maintenance items:

  • Every garage door in your home is reviewed under a 14-point inspection
  • Each garage door opener system in your home undergoes a 12-point inspection
  • Tighten or replace defective garage door bolts and nuts
  • Lubricate the garage door’s rollers and pulleys
  • Lubricate the whole drive mechanism on your garage door
  • Adjust the electric garage door opener and tighten the chain
  • Set the garage door opener limit switches
  • Lubricate the whole drive mechanism on your opener system
  • Check the keypad and transmitter batteries and replace up to two as needed

After the garage door safety inspection:

In addition to verbally reviewing the inspection details with you, a service technician will supply you with a completed inspection checklist that notes any safety issues or recommended repairs in writing. You will receive a copy for your records with the service call receipt.

Keep your family safe and extend the life of your garage at the same time with a garage door safety inspection. Schedule a convenient appointment time online!